[REVIEW] Romand Lip Driver 04. Don't Stop

by - Monday, September 17, 2018

Welcome back to my blog! 

Hey, long time no updates! Do you miss me all? Yes, it has been 2 months of hiatus, because I should have done my thesis. Hehehe~ Today, I wanna tell you what excites me!

Today, I finally got my first Romand product! And it's amazing! Romand is a makeup brand from South Korea. I read several reviews of Romand's Liptint and so many said if they love it! Not like the other liptints that make lips dry, Romand's Liptint is not!

Let's skip this liptint's topic, because I never tried it before LOL. I actually got myself their matte lipcream instead of the liptint HEHEHEHE.. Yes, right now I'm kinda in love with matte lipstick. Hearing if Romand produces a great lip products, made me wanna try one of those, and I hit the buy button for ROMAND LIP DRIVER!


This lip cream from Romand has a matte finish on your lips and has 5 sassy color variants :

4 claims by Romand LIP DRIVER : 
  • #Ridiculously Long Lasting
    Stays put all day without getting smudged! 
  • #Insanely Highly Pigmented
    Remains true to its color 
  • #Astonishingly Tight Adherence
    Clings to your lips without wearing off 
  • #Unbelievably Non Glossy
    100% non-glossy and non-shiny 
There's me that can only afford one shade *SAD LE IS SAD* and I chose shade number 04. Don't Stop! Because as I saw, the color is pretty, has brown+orange nude color, that makes me wanna buy hehe. Actually, I'm in love also with shade no. 05, but I'm scared it would be so pale on me, since I don't have a white skin.This is what Romand gave in the catalogue :

I think Don't Stop would be nude enough for my skin tone. (((I THINK)))

 ROMAND LIP DRIVER 04. Don't Stop 

The packaging is as simple as their concept. Lip Driver, with uppercase italic font looks like it is driving fast. Like it is saying " 빨리 ! " (Ppalli) or fast in korean. Yes, it is on point and I like it. Give an applause to Romand's product designer. The lipcream container is also good. Wrapped in the same color as it contains, can easily show us the color difference without seeing the bottom of the container (to read what shade it is). Sometimes, it's tiring! (If you have 2 shades or more of the same product).

The applicator is same like the other lipcream products. The tip is soft when being rubbed on the lips. You can see a red dot in the applicator stick. At first, I thought it's stained. But it's not. I was trying to clean it but eheheh I couldn't get rid of it. Romand already told us about the blots, and there is no return or refund for that kind of blots, ok? It's normal, there is no sanitary issues with it. Let's try!

What do you think?


The texture is creamy and soft, and has matte finish. In line with their claims, it's non-glossy and non-shiny. I know it's matte, but it doesn't make your lips dry at all. The cream is easy to blend and easy to get dry on the lips. I once tried to use lipbalm first before Lip Driver, it turned moist and no matte at all. So after that, I tried to put on the Lip Driver without lipbalm and the result is like the picture above.

"Ruby, the color is so different!"

I know, it can be caused of lighting or my base lip color. Honestly, the color is not that nude (in reality). On my lips, it turns like red + orange-ish (my opinion). I saw Romand Lip Driver 04. Don't Stop on other person lips and it turned maroon red. Like I've said, it depends on the lighting and your base lip color. Actually of course I'm a bit disappointed because the color is not like what I've expected. 

And about the durability, it is long-lasting! While I was using it, I ate rice, I drank water, I ate snacks, and the color was still there! No joke! I even tried to swatch a little on my hand, from morning to afternoon, about 10 hours. I've been washing my hand (after eating), tried to rub it with water, and it did have a little effect to the Lip Driver. The color is still there and (a bit) fading. Only a bit. SHO ZAMAZINGS. LUV IT TO THE MOON.

This is me feeling beautiful with Romand Lip Driver Shade No. 04 Don't Stop. Please don't quit after you saw the beautiful me. (((NO))) Look how confident I could be with Lip Driver HEHEHE~ YOU CAN BE THIS CONFIDENT TOO! (((But please don't be over like me)))

Pros :

  • Long-lasting
  • Smudgeproof
  • Pigmented
  • Non glossy
  • Matte, but doesnt make your lips dry!
Cons :
  • Disappointed with the color, but the red is still lovely!
  • If use lipbalm first, the color doesn't appear well and not being matte anymore.

Repurchase? Yes!

Want it so much! Where can I buy Romand Lip Driver?

You can buy it from my store : hicharis.net/runachoo. It ships worldwide from South Korea!

Click here to buy

If you buy in my shop at hicharis.net/runachoo, you will get 17% discount and only need to spend $ 9.99 to get Romand Lip Driver! You can get other shades too!

Additional info, it's available in some currencies :

Payment is available from credit card to local payment (easier to pay!).
Like Indomaret (minimarket) in Indonesia, or pay from BDO in Philippines.

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  1. Well it's not really similar to their catalog. It pretty much more pinkish than orange i guess. But it looks good on you. I wanna try it too later.

  2. Hmm.. I don't know, but may be the color won't look good for me.
    But, that's good color of lipcream.
    Oh! Maybe I should try another color that's good for me.

  3. Omg really 😍😍, thank for the review. Aku suka banget lipcream matte, tapi seringkali bibirku jd kering 😒 sepertinya bakal masuk dalam wishlist πŸ˜‚

  4. Difoto sih masik kelihatan oke beb .Tapi emang tinggal tingkat kepedean orang berpengaruh dengan gincu mana yg berani dia pake. 😁

    1. WKWKWK setujuu.. aku juga cuma berani warna merah-pink-nude. warna ekstrim lainnya belum berani wkwk

  5. Aku punya yang shade dont stop. Suka banget sama lipcream ini

  6. Aku punya shade ini jugaakk. Tapi kurang cocok di aku warnanya.


  7. Suka banget sih sama semua warnanya. Cantik2 banget gitu liatnya

  8. Dibikin full lips ataupun ombre cakep juga ya rubyπŸ˜‡

  9. This shade is my favo. In my skintone, this sahde turn out so lovely 😍😍

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

  10. aku udah cobain yang flat out dan reverev, bagus banget warnanya dan cocok di buat ombre lips <3

  11. Waaah sama nih beb, aku jg punya shade ini. Warnanya aku suka beb. Oren2 gitu seger 😍

  12. haduh.. Warnanya cakep banget bebb...

  13. Warnanya cakep dandanan kamu juga cakep passs