DIY : Love Letter for Valentine

by - Friday, February 12, 2016

So, I have an assignment. Actually, it’s super silly to make.
Today’s assignment to be made is “Love Letter”. (BGM : Lightning strikes)
I’m no good in saying things, I’m not even into romance things, and I’m not a love experts.
I don’t really have experiences in love. /sigh LOL

Okay, Here’s I’m gonna share what I’ve made for that.
The topic for my Love Letter is comedy, because my current mood is drawing Batman with a super handsome pose. (LOL. TOLD YA I’VE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING)
I have to relate the romance things with Batman. 

Here we go!
First, get ready for the equipments.
  • Colored Papers (I have blue one and pink one)
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Thick tape
  • Coloring Pencils (Or everything you wanna use for coloring)
  • Drawing Pen 0.1 and 0.3 (Or everything you have for drawing)
  • And else, depends on your creativity. In my case, the deadline is tomorrow and I have to study too for the exam. I have no much time.

Prepare your words and what you wanna draw from your words.
I made 2 pages. Front page for romantic ones and 2nd pages for my sassy Batman. The sentences relate between the first and second page.

For the first page, I wrote :
“Valentine, do you believe in love at first sight?

Or should I just walk by again?”

I also wrote :
“ P.S. : Can we meet at the rooftop after your shift done? There’s something I wanna tell, so please come!! >_< ”

 That small note is what relate to the Batman stuffs.
Page 1

First illustration : A cute girl. That girl resembles me. (SORRY LOL) With a wink and a teasing gesture. Imagine her saying those main line.

I used the pink paper for girly charm.

For the illustrations, I used a white paper, thus the colors will show up nicely. I made the background and the person with different papers. I’ll make it like 3D effect, using the thick tape.
Draw the background first, attach it to the pink paper with glue. Second, I attach the person image above the background with thick tape. Can you see the gap between those?

Shadow gap

It’s important to make the sketch first, so the person image won’t cover the whole background. Go draw and color it yourself, k? ^^

For the 2nd paper, I used the blue ones. Yeehaa~ Time for my Batman to show up! I wrote:
“Yes, rooftop.

Cuz, I’m an amazing Batman, My Valentine.”

I think it’s funny, because in my campus, there’s no something like Japanese School’s rooftop where people can relax and eat their lunch. There’s no something like that, It’s just a pure roof, literally.

My Campus roof

LOL, Who wanna fly me up high to the roof? Who waits you up high on the roof? I give you multiple choices :
A. You must be Kuntilanak (Indonesian’s horror figure)
B. If you’re not Kuntilanak, then be a Batman. 

C. You’re already a Batman. 

Okay, make the 2nd page like the first one ~~ <3 <3
I choose the rose background, to issue his charm~ tehehe~ how?
That’s my sassy Batman ~

2nd page
See the gap, too! >u<
shadow gap

Put it into a lovely envelope, attach some hearts to make sure this is a love letter, not a permission letter when you’re sick and can’t attend class.

Tadaa ~ done!
I hope this will inspire you somehow!!

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  1. I want to make it too.
    But, I can't drawing well like you do.
    How can I say if I just typing in this comment box(?) ?