Taobao Bag Review!

by - Thursday, October 01, 2015

I'm gonna review my new item //w//
I need a new bag and I've looked at the Bookstore (bookstore sells bags and other school equipments too), but nothing took my heart away~ /sad
So, I chose to start searching on Taobao.
Andd.. got one seller that sells bags! Yippiee ~ <3
The brand name is Lengyufan :3 It has a great ranking too~

Here it is~

The bag that i've chosen >__<
Tadaaa~ /da dum tss

This is a picture in their catalogue :

Here's the real pictures of it!
(Sorry for bad camera) ;u;



Inside : There's laptop spot, one small pouch with zipper,
and 2 more pouch for phone and small things xD

The logo >u<
That blue thing is my book ~ LOL

2 more pouches outside!

The left side!

Overall, I really like it 'u'
Rate : 9/10
I use it for school~ Super kawaii, righttt? ><

There is also a minus :
- easy to obtain stains 

This is the link :
It contains full of cute bags //A//
(I was confused which one to be bought! tehe~)

If you don't know how to order, you can ask me to order it.
But, only for Indonesia region, k? :)

I hope it's helping for you guys! <3

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