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by - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Hello, sweeties! February is almost end, but have you found the right cleansing foam for your face yet?

Well, this time, I want to review about Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam.

Do you know if Senka Perfect Whip is a facial wash soap that is a must-buy if you're on a trip to Japan? Yep, This is a no.1 Facial Foam in Japan for 8 years and often mentioned by beauty bloggers.

What is the claim?

  • It has a soft foam, so it can keep the skin's natural moisture.
  • Cleans dirt down to the facial pores, and protects delicate skin
  • The skin feels moist and smooth
  • With fresh floral scent

What is my first impression?

Yes! This  Senka Perfect Whip can produce quite a lot of foam and most importantly : the foam is really soft!


"Hey, lots of foam can make your skin dry, am i right?"

Yes, but that doesn't apply to Senka Perfect Whip. This product is SLS-free and has double Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin moist and hydrated. Ever heard of Hyaluronic Acid? This content is commonly used to create masks, essence, or cream that is focused to "moisturize".

For the ability to clean the dirt, Senka Perfect Whip cannot clean the makeup. So, beforehand please clean your face from makeup with double cleansing or micellar water.

My face was already oily, and after the first use, my face feels so fresh without any oil, but my skin does not feel dry. It doesn't have a floral scent. More precisely. it has no scent or just plain.

How to make a lot of foam with Senka Perfect Whip?

how to make lots of foam with senka perfect whip
The lots of foam also prevents your hands from coming into contact directly with your facial skin. So it's more hygienic. The face doesn't be touched by the hand, but the foam! Can you imagine the softness of the foam being rubbed on your face? Hihi, it is a fun way to cleanse your face!

Interested? But you should also read the warning behind the package :


  • Before use, make sure your skin does not show any signs of abnormality, such as: blisters, swelling, rashes, or burns.
  • If your skin shows an adverse reaction after use, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
  • If exposed to eyes, rinse with warm or cold water.
  • Keep out of reach of children. ^^
  • Do not leave the product in the sun or exposed to high temperatures.

Where to buy Senka Perfect Whip?

What is clear, now you don't need to come all the way to Japan just to buy this. Now, Senka Perfect Whip can already be purchased in Sociolla! Finally! And FYI, Sociolla is the first authorized distributor of Senka Perfect Whip in Indonesia. I bought it in Sociolla too! (Sociolla only ships to Indonesia region)

It's imported from Japan, isn't it? So it must be expensive, right?

Not really! The price is quite cheap and affordable.
For size 120gr, you just spend 486 JPY (4,5 USD) or just 65.000 IDR in Sociolla Indonesia.
120gr is the size of my palm (see the uploaded pictures!)  I think, it's worth to try and to buy. Hehe

Pay less by using my discount code : SBNLAS1L for discounts of 50,000 IDR with a minimum purchase of 250.000 IDR.


Click the picture above to go to Sociolla web! Happy shopping and don't forget to input your discount code when checking out!

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  1. Senka ini aku ingat banget dulu sampai nitip teman yang ke epang buat beli, harganya juga mahal krn ngikutin kurs sana, eh skrg udah masuk Indonesia :) seneng banget krn emang cocok banget sama sabun ini #kbbvmember

  2. Samaan beb wajahku juga oily. Seneng banget deh Senka yg bikin kulit halus & lembut udah masuk Indo
    😊 #kbbvmember

  3. Want to try this but still have a lot of facial foam #kbbvmember

  4. senka jadi favorit aku nih belakangan ini.. suka banget.. walaupun ada kandungan alkohol nya tapi gak bikin wajah kering..