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by - Friday, September 26, 2014

Hi, it has been awhile since my last post. Miss me?
Few months ago I graduated from Budi Mulia High School! Sho excited :)

Ok, so I chose to study accounting at Gunadarma University.
About 2 weeks ago, the committee was helding a meet up session. Who wants to join must pay 40,000 IDR. Ohhh, my poor wallet T__T

I was joining the meet up with my friends, Natasha and Nanda, the lovelies who invited me. We're from a same highschool 'w' feeling glad! The event was so boring (sorry >_<), but having new friends made it enjoyable.

Anddd... days after that, I have to attend the Faculty's event called PPSPPT. I was dressing like an idiot LOL wearing white shirt with a long skirt, my hair was double tied, and NO BANGS GOSH ASDFJKL MY FOREHEAD IS SHINING BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMO-what =____= NO PICTURE FOR THIS LMAO

I wrote a love letter to the President of Economic Faculty...........

So here are photos of us Natasha, Nanda, and me in the very front! tehe~ Taken after the PPSPPT event was done, so I can untied my hair and bangs xD

September 22, 2014... My premiere day as a college student!!! /standsapplause
Don't have any photo of this, sorry OwQ
Natasha, Nanda, and me are in separated class. /sigh/ I've joined Line group of my class, but yeah idk all of them, they seems don't care, so let it go. I went there--to the class alone.
I was so nervous, then I got a Line chat. It's from Monna! One of my new friends from PPSPPT. OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH... Let us say, my first friend in class, won't lose her.

Now, I have so many new friends: Ina, Dewita, Maya, Hanifa, and else... Thanks for being my new friends :) I really appreciate it. But, I can see the girls start grouping. I feel like I can't get in through them. Well, I'll try my best to adapt since I really want to enjoy my first year life ^w^ 

I'll make a review of my University soon, to let you know deeper about my college.
God bless!

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